Blue Heron Visions




I am not…

I am naught…

I am…

In the timeless Now,
I am…

In the spaceless silence
between heartbeats
I am…

The Infinite Magic
at this infinitely glorious moment–
Timeless, Spaceless, Eternal
I am…

Possibilities, divinely imagined–
unseen, unheard, untasted, unsmelled, untouched
Exist Here, Now

Copyright © 2004 Vicky Lynn Macchione


When those who have gone before,
Knock softly on our dream-thought door,
With wisdom, love, and kindness fair,
Demonstrating their constant care

Do we their soft words heed?
Gathering each image as a seed,
Planting each one in our hearts deep,
Waiting for Life to re-awaken from sleep.

Or do we get lost in grief?
And see Death only as a thief,
Who steals away those we love,
Who has conquered Life, and stilled their blood.

Life and Death together walk
Hand in hand, they play, they talk.
For like a baby in the womb
Life sleepily grows inside Death’s tomb.

Then comes re-awakening! Life’s new birth!
The promise of joy, hope, love, and mirth!
Death watches, and awaits another day
The game will change, soon Death’s turn to play.

The cycle continues as together they walk,
Life and Death, they play, they talk.
Death’s harsh hand is not the end
Death prepares the way, Life begins again.

So, when those who have gone before
Knock gently on your dream-thought door,
Listen as with love they softly say,
“We still live…in a different way.”

“When we departed our Life with you,
Death held the door and we walked through.”
For Life and Death, together walk,
Hand in hand, they play, they talk.

Death and Life in Love’s Hands stay,
Love makes the rules they must obey.
Love conquers fear, Love creates gain.
Whether Life, whether Death, Love still remains.

Copyright © 2004 Vicky Lynn Macchione


Hide me in your heart–
when the meanness of the world,
with its critical, unrelenting eye,
seeks me out
to extinguish the joy-light essence of my being.

Hide me in your heart–
when those who think they know me best,
who think they love me well,
Lock me in their box of worldly illusions,
hiding from me
the truth of who I am, the Truth of Love.

Hide me in the tree of love that grows in your heart:
Whose leaves
shelter me with the soft caresses of a lover’s hand, a lover’s kiss;
Whose blossoms
encourage me with the fragrance of our love remembered;
Whose branches strong,
support me with love given and forever promised;
Whose branches gentle,
rock me with never-ending songs of love.

Hide me in your heart–
where I am can always be
who I am…
where you can always be
who you are…
where we,
safely protected and protecting,
loving completely and completely loved,
join ourselves together with,
and in,
the ONE,
Who loves and protects us all.

Copyright © 2003 Vicky Macchione

NOVEMBER 11, 2001

Upon one year of “knowing” Michel

Wrapped up
in the love we
still One;
my reality
my reality
Whisper a
prayer of amazing
For the One
finally Found!

Copyright © 2001 Vicky Lynn Mendenhall (née Macchione)


Heavy, dark curtain, woven over lengths of time,
Marking the place of soul death;
No life light shines, no vision penetrates …

Of a sudden …

A silent breeze of hope, of revelation
Tickling the austere, black barrier;
Disturbing the hidden one, the forgotten soul sleeping
Far below,
the cold, bitter, self-created black web of survival …

A finger, a sliver of light
Penetrates the seemingly impenetrable heavy, dark veil of life-death,
Light piercing!
White light pointedly moving toward
The hidden one, the forgotten soul who slumbers in death-like sleep
Far below,
alone, in the cold, dark, self-created cocoon of
alone …

White light,
darkness dispersing,
gently caressing
This forgotten soul who, for lengths of time, has cowered
Far beneath
the layers of perceived hurts;
Far behind
the carefully constructed barriers of Heart protection;
Far below,
safely hidden from the blinding pain of Reality’s
wounds …

The life-less …
heart-numbed …
sleeping soul …

And is forgotten no more.

Copyright © 2000 Vicky Lynn Mendenhall (née Macchione)


Indelibly etched on my heart!
Permanently engraved on my soul!
You stand facing the world . . .

With your impish grin and trustworthy eyes,
arms and shoulders strong enough to enfold me in my trembling,
fear-ridden moments.

A momentary safe harbor
from the treacherous waves of worry, fear, and doubt
that often overwhelm me;
A temporary shield
from the piercing arrows of the world’s harsh attacks and my own
self-imposed afflictions.

Your kindness and gentleness envelope me,
chasing away the coldness that has lingered in my heart and soul
for so very long.

Love has awakened me . . .
and yet my heart is pierced by grim knowledge:
the depth of love I feel is the love I myself bring.

So in your unconditional acceptance I find solace;
pondering what might have been . . .
anticipating what may yet be . . .
knowing always we are Friends.

Copyright © 2000 Vicky Lynn Mendenhall (née Macchione)


for JOe

he walks among the streets of quiet death;
And wanders to his resting place
upon a velvet hill;
To gaze upon his darkest realms,
the blackness of the sky
Where a million pinpricks of brilliance,
meet his gentle eye.

The light of suns,
of worlds now dead,
Flash across the space of eternity’s time.
And up above, in splendor fine,
Orion, hunter of the starry realm,
Looks down upon this man, this searching soul
who contemplates his death…
his life.

He hunts for relevance,
for reality,
just as Orion hunts the sky;
A seeming, never-ending quest—
Grasping for goals,
Striving for change,
Longing for substance to fill his lonely days.
And with each rising sun,
he begins his quest anew…
For deep within his soul’s dark night
there stirs a silent hope:
That he, like Orion, will find,
his appointed place
in God’s glorious realm of Light.

Copyright © 2000 Vicky Mendenhall (née Macchione)


Two china jars before her stood
As she began her chore-
Of Soul searching, of Heart cleaning,
To reveal Something More.

One jar labeled Lover,
Contained, when once unsealed,
Only half-fulfilled dreams and promises,
Scores of wishes unrevealed.

A hint of fragrance was released
Upon opening the jar, ’tis true;
But the aroma lacked the wondrous sweetness
If the jar had been filled by two.

The other jar labeled Friend,
Once unlidded–overflowed;
With delicate fragrances of unconditional acceptance,
Of shared communication–soul to soul.

She looked at the jars before her, questioning,
And waited for the guiding Voice;
When the gentle answer came,
Then, she made her momentous choice.

Slowly and carefully, she replaced the lid
On the Lover jar, and put it on a shelf
Inside her Heart; for her to see,
For her to save for a Some Time, a Some Place else.

But the jar labeled Friend, she left open
And placed inside her Soul;
Where the beautiful perfume permeated her Heart and Life
And caused her Spirit to grow.

Two china jars remind her still,
Of her life-changing chore-
Of Soul searching, of Heart cleaning,
Of learning Something More.

Copyright © 2000 Vicky Lynn Mendenhall (née Macchione)


I offered you my poem—
openly and willingly—
You disdained it.

I presented my heart—
unencumbered by walls, no barriers to be seen—
You ignored it.

I lay down my love—
like a crown at your feet,
the sweet perfume of my life
wafting on the air around you—
You discounted it.

I gave you my friendship—
unconditionally, freely;
exposing all the secret places of my soul,
allowing you in where no other has explored—
And I waited.

I wait, still …

Copyright © 2000 Vicky Lynn Mendenhall (née Macchione)


for Michel

Your eyes…
Two simple words
and yet,
Into those two dark spheres
I long to gaze;
To observe the many colors, the reflected light
that changes with your moods…
But more than this only—
I long to explore the depth of your feelings always evidenced there;
I long to be lost
to sink below,
to find the path to your heart…
to your soul
Where I long to dwell with you forever…

Let me lose myself in your eyes;
Let me find myself in you.

Copyright © 2000 by Vicky Lynn Mendenhall (née Macchione)


A little scrap of deadness
clings onto the door;
And yet inside, hidden,
a beauteous life awaits to be born;
The world sees only deadness
until the day of birth–
When struggling through the darkness,
bright colors suddenly emerge!
And clinging to the deadness,
sensing the winds of change;
The fragile creature opens wide her glorious wings,
with Faith
That launches her first freedom flight
Into her new found life!

Copyright © 2000 Vicky Mendenhall (née Macchione)


There is pain in my heart;

Pain who dwells, infiltrates, and sinks into the very fibers of my heart muscle,
stretching those fibers taut, twisting,
until my whole being, my whole soul
longs to scream out in agony

There is pain in my heart;

Pain whose rough, pointed edges have names like
Whose edges pierce the already broken heart;
piercing its hundred pieces so that the overwhelming agony
intensifies a hundredfold!

There is pain in my heart;

Pain whose other name is Rejection,
Whose powerful hand squeezes out life;
brutalizes love;
rips out logic;
beats out peace;
attempts to assault the reality of Me.

There is pain in my heart;

Pain who cares nothing about the small child looking for refuge,
the small child who needs a protector,
who cries for help, for love, for warmth, for reassurance.
the wee one who is tired of being shushed,
of being blamed for being who she is.

There is pain in my heart;

Pain who must immerse me in all Its intensity
so that I experience a baptism of emotion so intense
that it permeates my whole being–
body, soul, mind, spirit.

I open my arms to embrace It, willingly, with no reserve…

There is pain in my heart.

Copyright © 1999 Vicky Mendenhall (née Macchione)