Blue Heron Visions


Artist Statement

Vicky Lynn

"The Contemplation Goddess"

Creating collages connects me to Source, Life, and the Collective Unconscious, allowing my art to be a channel for messages of encouragement, wisdom, and revelation. The multi-layered messages reveal themselves through the archetypes, colors, symbols, and words I choose as collage elements.

When a collage inspiration or idea enters my field of creativity, I begin the search. Often, I am surrounded by magazines, scissors in hand, trekking page by page for those particular images and words that catch my attention. Other times, I am mining my pre-cut collection of collage elements. Like an explorer, I am directed by some sort of hidden inner map. This Inner Knowing guides me to the images and words I choose. During this process, I picture the person but I do not necessarily “think” about his/her attributes or what I know about them. The person simply is there, like a photo in my mind’s eye.

I find that every collage I create, even those that I make specifically for another person, always contain a message for me. This realization spawned the idea of Two Chairs and A Window Greeting Cards. Under this creative label, I have blank cards printed using my collages as card fronts. Now, others can use these cards to send their own messages of greeting, encouragement, and love along with the Soul message each collage contains. In this way, the alchemical nature of collaging images and words continues to evolve, transform, and connect all those involved with my art.

Vicky Lynn Macchione :o)