Blue Heron Visions



Welcome to the updated Blue Heron Visions web site.  I have added a new Gallery called Inspired Mandalas.

If you would like to view my other artwork, check out the GALLERIES section, which is where I exhibit my various collages, doodles, mandalas, mixed media art, and abstract paintings. GALLERIES also includes the various cards I have created using paper, photographs, Photoshop, and paint.

VISUAL AND VERBAL MUSINGS is where you can read my poetry, coaching newsletters, and other wordwork that I have created.

  • Take a few minutes to read “The CIRA Quest,” a short story I wrote to honor six special women who formed a coaching group called CIRA.
  • I also invite you to visit my Blue Heron Visions Blog where I display and write about my art and my process.  Starting in July 2012, I published, in serial form, a manuscript titled Pieces of Magic that I wrote the previous year.
  • In addition, I started an Art Blog called “A Year Without Words” on which I daily posted my art — including mandalas, doodles, photos, and collages — for one year without any commentary from me at all.  During the second year of my Art Blog, I published a daily mandala combined with inspirational thoughts, words, and sayings.
  • Finally, you can also check out my Blue Heron Visions Channel on YouTube where I have uploaded videos I have created that blend art, words, and music.

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You can learn more about me and my art, by clicking on Artist Statement at the top of the page.  In that same location, you can click Contact, if you want to ask me a question or send me a comment about the site or anything on it.

Enjoy your visit and stop by often!

P.S.  My online shop was closed on December 31, 2011.  Thank you to everyone who supported this business of selling my art as greeting cards and other artistic gifts.  –Vicky :o)